Xiaomi Mi VR Play launched in India for 999

Xiaomi Mi VR Play will now be available in India too. The VR headset was launched in China in August this year. Hugo Barra, the VP at Xiaomi launched the device during the Mi pop up event held in Mumbai today evening.

The VR headset is made of Lycra fabric (nylon + spandex) and EVA which makes it light weight and at the same time durable. In addition, it features a zipper design that keeps the phones in place even while moving the head. The fabric used is skin friendly which indeed is necessary because the headset covers our face during the entire play back period.

Mi VR Play
Mi VR Play

Phones in the size range of 4.7 to 5.7 inches can be used on Xiaomi Mi VR Play. The front of the headset has got openings in the front so as to offer ventilation. It also helps to adjust the phone’s position once placed inside the headset.

Xiaomi will start selling the Mi VR Play starting from December 21st at 12pm. Besides the regular version, there will be limited addition color units that will be up for sale. While the Google View master is an expensive choice, Mi VR Play is an ideal choice given Xiaomi’s brand value and affordable pricing.

Key features of Xiaomi MI VR Play

  • Compatible with Google cardboard
  • Can be used for Youtube VR videos and Mi Live VR streams
  • Fits 4.7 to 5.7 inches phones
  • Front ventilation for heat discharge
  • 201 x 107 x 91 mm dimensions; Weight: 208.7 grams
  • Light weight Lycra fabric
  • Anti reflective lens
  • Textured metal buttons

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