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Androided.in is a news and information site based in India. With android operating system getting popular around the world users need to keep themselves updated on the happenings in the android echo system.

Each day a new smartphone or a tablet gets released. For a normal user it is difficult to keep track of the developments in and around Android. Our aim is to keep the users updated on the latest happenings in the Android space through latest news, price updates and reviews of devices running on Android.

In news we cover all that is happening around the world that is related to Android. Above all we keep an updated specifications data base of all devices running on Android OS. So for users they need not have to go around checking the price and specifications of devices.

Site Founder / Editor: Sangeetha Pradeep (sangeetha@androided.in)

News Editor: Pradeepkumar

Writers : Pradeepkumar, Sangeetha Pradeep

You may contact the authors by sending emails to contactus@androided.in or through the contact us page of this site.

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