Top 7 best Redmi note 4 cover cases you can buy online

You can now buy Redmi note 4 cover cases online. To have a cover case for your mobile is a good thing. You will never know when your phone slips out of your hand. No matter how careful you are it might just fall down. So in such occasion the cover case will reduce the damage that might […]

Intex IT PB 11K Power Bank 11000 mAh now at 699 on Flipkart

Intex IT PB 11K Power Bank 11000 mAh gets a massive price cut as part of the Flipkart big shopping days offers. This device now sells at 699 Rupees on Flipkart. The original price of this power bank is 2300 Rupees. A power bank is often a handy accessory especially for those who travels a lot. […]

This is why Corning Gorilla Glass 3 features on modern day phones

Coring is making glass and glass wares for more than 100 years now. They used to make tough glass for the signal lamps and moved on to everything that involved glass. This includes the invention of optic fiber that now spread across the world, and is considered most efficient communication medium.Internet is still dependent on […]

iBall Univo, universally compatible hands free from iBall

It is hard to find an exact replacement for your original earphone, when it gets damaged or when you lost it. As most of the third party earphones faces some compatibility problems. Well, you won’t have to face this problem again. The Indian electronics manufacturer iBall has introduced a new handsfree named iBall Univo. iBall […]

Nexus 5 accessories available now from Google Play Store

Google has listed official accessories for your Nexus 5, including nexus Wireless Charger, Nexus 5 Bumper Case and LG QuickCover for Nexus 5. All the three are available right now from Google Play Store. Nexus 5 owner looking forward for accessories straight from Google can jump over to Play Store to grab them. The Nexus […]

Intex has launched TabKey K6 tablet cover for 7″ tablets

Portability and affordability are the reasons behind the rising popularity for tablets. Most people prefer tablets as it is easy to carry around, but the touch centric tablets still lacks some features. The use of right accessories can convert your tablets into business machines. Intex, the Indian makers have launched a new tablet cover dubbed […]