Sleep tracking is one of the most important functions in realme watch. When activated, it will automatically detect your sleeping time and record detailed reports on its performance.

In the “Settings” of the watch menu, select “Health Settings”. Then slide the “Sleep tracking” slider to the right to start.


You can switch between three modes: Automatic mode, which detects your sleep pattern automatically; Manual mode, where you have to manually enter a time when you went to bed or woke up; and Off (which disables automatic detection). The automatic detection is more accurate than manual entry and is recommended because it gives you more detailed data about your sleeping habits.

If you want even more precise data about how much time was spent in each phase of sleep (light sleep / deep sleep), you can adjust these settings under “Sleep Analysis” in Health Mode.

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It is recommended to use sleep tracking at night. the sleep data will be recorded in detail and automatically calculated in the morning.

You can use Sleep Tracking at night to record your sleep data. The data will be recorded in detail and automatically calculated in the morning.

  • Sleep tracking is more accurate than other modes, which means that your sleep cycle will be more accurate when using it as a daily habit.

The sleep function will automatically detect your sleeping time, which is more accurate than other modes.

It can also make a detailed report of your sleep, recording data such as how long you took to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night. This feature is recommended for those who have trouble falling asleep at night or whose partner needs help falling asleep due to stress levels or other reasons!

The watch’s built-in accelerometer detects movement while you’re sleeping and creates an alarm when it detects that you’ve woken up in order to prevent accidental alarms being set off by movement while snoozing on your pillow (or something else). A blue LED light lets loved ones know they’re still there if they get up early enough before anyone else wakes up around them; however, there aren’t any visual indicators onscreen so users must rely mainly upon their hearing capabilities instead – which may prove problematic depending on what type of home decorating style one chooses!

activating sleep mode in realme watch

When you activate this mode it will record your sleep pattern and make a detailed report of your sleep

Sleep mode is a feature of the Realme watch that allows you to activate it at any time. Once activated, the Realme watch will record your sleep patterns and make a detailed report of your sleep quality. This information can help you in improving the quality of your sleep by keeping track of factors such as:

  • Number of times you woke up during the night time in sleep.
  • Total hours spent asleep (including wakeful periods).
  • Dreams recalled during waking hours.


There are many ways to activate sleep mode in realme watch, but the most effective method is to turn off the light before going to bed. In addition, our team is working on another function that can detect if you’re in a deep sleep or not – this will be released soon!

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