Asus Zenwatch officially announced, priced €199

Asus announced their Zenwatch officially in Berlin short-while ago. The Zenwatch comes after a teaser image and a video of the same. We we anticipating this from last few days. The price of the watch also disclosed by the CEO. Asus will sell Zenwatch for €199 in Europe and the price in United States is […]

Updates makes Android wear devices self dependent

The draw back of any wearable smart device is its dependency on a smartphone. In a latest revelation Google has told cnet that the company is working to reduce this dependency through future updates. The updates that will arrive within the end of this will have significant changes in this direction. What Google intent to […]

Asus Zenwatch teased

There seems to be an apparent shift in the trend going forward into the quarter 4 of 2014. With IFA 2014 Berlin just around the corner, leading manufacturers have started off with announcing smartwatches with difference. Now we have smartwatches for Samsung, LG, Motorola, and this time it is Asus. Besides it learned that Apple […]

LG G Watch R looks more like an Analog round watch

LG’s new G Watch R looks like an Analog dialed watch rather than a smartwatch. It is different from smartwatches that we have seen before. LG had G watch that literally had no design elements to it. But this new watch is definitely beautiful and would compliment to the fashion element of someone wearing it. […]

LG G watch R round smartwatch announced ahead of IFA

LG did not wait till the IFA 2014 to reveal the specifications of their round watch. LG has given the name “LG G watch R,” the R in the name obviously stands for round. The device however, will get officially launched at IFA Berlin. The specifications and details are revealed through a press release. The […]